10 Feel-Good Moments to Make You Smile

FeelGoodMoments_0216In need of a smile?

Check out my 10 favorite feel-good moments so far in 2016. Thanks, Internet!

(Disclaimer: If you have an aversion to adorable animals, silly babies, awesome dance moves, uncontrollable laughter, or being weird… these feel-good moments may not be for you.)

  1. Little puppies climb all over a baby who totally loves it (Kudos to my boyfriend Eric for knowing exactly what will make me happy.)
  2. People laughing uncontrollably on the subway for no reason (I have to admit, I was giggling by the end of this video.)
  3. A tiny hamster eating a tiny burrito (I first saw this one a while ago, but I just re-watched it and it definitely still makes me feel good.)
  4. Adorable kitten makes friends with a cameraman (Eric gets another gold star for sharing this one with me.)
  5. “My Bacon Was a Little Chewie” (In the spirit of STAR WARS season… I had to.)
  6. Dancing dog (and dude) with seriously good rhythm (Made me wanna get up and dance.)
  7. A weird Heart embarrassing his friend, the Brain (I’m a big fan of the Heart and Brain comic. I can relate to both of them. But in this case I definitely relate more with the Heart.)
  8. Dad and baby dubsmashing (High five to this guy for being the funniest dad ever.)
  9. Cute Japanese cartoon cat characters in a marching band (Too. freaking. cute.)
  10. Hilarious dogs totally failing at being dogs (This one will make you laugh out loud. To be honest, these dogs are totally winning.)

Share some smiles! Post your favorite feel-good moments and memes in the comments.


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