The Azorean Adventures Begin


They say money can’t buy happiness — but it can buy amazing Groupon deals that get you a 7-day stay and round-trip flight to the Azores!!! And… that makes me very happy. 😉 I adore traveling — it is the one thing I allow myself to “splurge” on, and it’s always worth it. Research shows that spending your money on experiences rather than material things can have a much more profound affect on your happiness!

I write to you feeling slightly sleep-deprived but incredibly blessed to have arrived today in Ponta Delgada, the capital of São Miguel, which is the largest of the group of Portuguese islands known as the Azores that pepper the middle of the Atlantic ocean. My very good friend and travel companion Katie and I are making our second visit to Portugal this week and could not be more excited.

Both Katie and I are definitely in need of a relaxing vacation. I’ve just recovered from a bout of pneumonia, and Katie is finishing her antibiotics for a sinus infection. We are definitely a little slower than usual! But that should be perfect for this trip. We don’t plan to leave São Miguel, and will balance some very relaxing time at our lovely hotel with some more active, outdoor time on three different tours we are taking throughout the week. We plan to hike, appreciate nature, be mindful, be silly, and take things slowly.

I hope to be able to write a few time this week with updates, but it’s hard to say how often we’ll have time and a good internet connection. I hope to post again soon and will try to share as much of the sun and happiness with you as possible! 🙂

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