Tip of the Week: Give Yourself a Break

This week’s tip? Take a break!LoveNature

Personally, I tend to have very high expectations for myself. I’ve been a perfectionist for my entire life and I often tend to strive towards unrealistic goals. Recently, I’ve tried to pay closer attention to my mind and body and consciously slow down or give myself a break when I notice that I’ve been pushing myself a little bit too hard. 

When we are too hard on ourselves, it’s easy to fall into the destructive habit of negative self-talk. We’ll berate ourselves for being not _____ enough: not good enough, pretty enough, successful enough, popular enough, strong enough, perfect enough.

Creating this blog has already been enormously fulfilling for me on multiple levels. But I have to admit, from the very start, I created high expectations for myself. I’ve been aspiring to write 2 posts per week, release “Tip of the Week” posts every Monday, maintain a high standard of research and thoughtfulness in my articles, and continuously publicize my blog among my networks and on social media — all while continuing to work full-time, have a fulfilling relationship, and maintain my relatively busy social life. I’ve been pretty good about staying on top of things up until this week. I was so wrapped up enjoying my time in the Azores that I didn’t sit down to write this week’s tip until last night, when the jet-lag and post-pneumonia exhaustion was really starting to hit me.

For a second, I heard the voices start up. “You’ll never be able to keep up with this! Your post is going to be so crappy if you just spend one night on it! This blog will never be perfect enough!”

Instead of listening to them, though, I told them to shush, and decided to adjust my blog schedule. Instead of this week’s tip being about the benefits of standing at work (maybe you’ll read about that later this month instead!), I decided that the tip would be to give yourself a break. I’d exemplify it by closing my computer, going to sleep, and writing a quick blog post during my lunch break tomorrow.

I slept really well last night, and I feel great about posting this right now after 30 minutes of writing over my lunch. I have to say, it’s surprisingly easy to lower your own expectations when you need to, and it helps you feel like you’re back in control and “good enough”. The hard part is just remembering to shush the negative self-talk and deciding to love yourself enough to slow down in the first place.

So, if you feel like you need a break, here’s my tip: GO TAKE ONE! 😉

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