Feel-Good Friday: #2!


It’s Feel-Good Friday!

Having received some positive feedback on my last “Feel-Good Friday” post, I decided it was time for another installation! It’s amazing how quickly the internet generates (and regenerates) silly memes to entertain ourselves with.

Get ready for some adorable babies, elephants, cats, dogs, and dads! And some snapchat filters. And some incredibly talented dancers. And some silliness. Here we go!

  1. Puppy or food meme (Seriously clever and funny. Who knew cute photos of dogs could make me crave muffins, bagels and fried chicken?)
  2. “SHINY!” stop motion video (There are some supremely talented and creative silly people in this world!)
  3. Weird dad who knows how to entertain himself (Spoiler alert: This hilarious video involves Snapchat filters, a Barbie doll, and a grown man.) 
  4. Silly cats violating personal space (This actually makes me want a cat more. Why is it so cute when they totally get in your way?)
  5. Baby elephants who want to be lap dogs (Now I also want a baby elephant…)
  6. Salsa-dancing doggies (…and a dog who is willing to wear a salsa outfit and spin around with me…)
  7. Snapchat-sending doggie (…or a dog who vomits neon rainbows. Just kidding. Ha!)
  8. Cats who are like… “WTF is this?” (Thanks, Eric, for another feel-good contribution!)
  9. Hilarious little baby who is very invested in her phone call (even though she can’t speak in coherent sentences yet)
  10. And on a more poignant note, our final feel-good moment for March: a seriously inspirational dance routine (Just…wow.)

I hope this dose of feel-good videos and images helped brighten your day. Spread more smiles by posting  your favorite feel-good moments and memes in the comments!

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