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About This Blog

I write about waves, wind, and wings: the ups and downs of emotion, the unpredictability of life, and our ability to empower ourselves and live our fullest, happiest lives. This blog will cover all sorts of topics ranging from hardships, to health to happiness. In addition to my musings and articles, you’ll also find:

  • Weekly Tips for Wellness
  • Monthly Book Reviews of books that may help make you happier
  • Periodic Reviews of apps, documentaries, and more that may help make you happier
  • Random Feel-Good Moments (of which the entire point is to share a smile!)

And if I’m feeling extra inspired, I may consider sharing:

  • Recipes for meals that will likely make you happier, and sometimes make you healthier 😉
  • Inspirational Quotes (to help you find your wings)
  • Suggested Reads (if I find a great article that I can’t help but share)
  • Interviews about what makes other people happy
  • Stuff about Art, Design & Travel… ’cause that just makes me happy


About Me

Screen Shot 2016-01-18 at 2.54.53 PMMy name is Sarah Cortright and I am a twenty-something writer and designer living in Cambridge, MA. I am big-hearted, silly, active, curious, and creative. I love to write and design things, although I’ve focused a lot more on the latter since college and am hoping to get back into the former with this blog. I also love to travel the world and spend quality time with my amazing friends, and I am working on getting better at spending quality time with myself.

I have a background in creative writing and graphic design, but a strong interest in psychology and relationships. I’m hoping that this blog can be a way to combine my interests and motivate me to learn and experience new things! I would always love to hear ideas and feedback, so please let me know what you think. 🙂

— Sarah

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