Tip of the Week: Eat a Healthy Breakfast

IMG_1726This week’s tip: Make a good breakfast. 

It can be challenging to prioritize breakfast. I’ve often made the mental argument: “If I skip breakfast, I can sleep for another 20 minutes!” For a long time, there was little to no debate — I love to sleep, so that proposition is always tempting. But every time I decide to sleep for another 20 minutes, I’m still just as tired when I get up, I find myself rushing around to make it out the door, and then I’m hungry and cranky when I get to work.

On the flip side, when I DO get up with enough time to make myself a delicious breakfast, I feel energized, calm, and satiated when I leave to start my day. Sure, those few minutes getting out of bed can be a little painful, but I’ve never gotten up and regretted it. Read More »