Becoming Aware, Inside and Out

awareimageIt’s become apparent to me recently how much self-awareness equates to good health and happiness. It’s something I have been slowly developing for years, but I know I’m still at the very beginning of my journey.

Self-awareness helps us understand why we do the things we do and feel the way we feel — and that knowledge give us the ability to understand (and sometimes change) the way we act and react. Awareness of the people and environment around us helps us interact with the world in a more present way. For me, it’s all about listening, paying attention, and learning. 

There are a couple of things that I have been focusing on lately on my path to self-awareness: identifying and embracing my own personality (and learning to own it and love myself for who I am), as well as identifying and embracing some of my weaknesses (and reminding myself that I am probably my own worst critic!)

The latter has been on my mind lately because I’ve been struggling a bit to “keep up”. Between applying for a new apartment (and signing the lease last week!), keeping up at my job, balancing a few freelance projects on the side, and helping to prepare for two of my friends’ weddings… it’s been hard to keep up with “me time”.

So here I am on a Friday afternoon, asking myself — how did I let writing for my blog slip to the DAY I was planning to post it? And it clicked — I often prioritize other people’s needs over my own. I am the kind of person who is driven by accountability to others slightly more than I am driven by accountability to myself.

So, of course my blog was the last thing on my list of this week’s priorities. But, I am happy to say that in this moment, writing this little blog post is a moment of me prioritizing something that will make me happy. In understanding my own “weakness”, I can try to change the way I act, and give myself permission to spend a little more time on something for myself.

What’s a “weakness” that YOU have that you can become aware of and try to change for the better? Do you also put others first a bit too often? What is something you can do for yourself this week?

Or, do you tend to put yourself first too much? If that’s the case, maybe doing something for someone else might make you feel proud of yourself.

Either way, I hope you join me on my path to better awareness, inside and out. I’d love to hear some of the questions you ask yourself to help become more self-aware. Stay tuned for more on understanding our own personalities coming soon… I can’t wait to write more about that!

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